Method to stop autmatic updates in mozila firefox

If your firefox browser is updated automatically after a few days and make changes in your saved work or disturb your work during update process and you are thinking about how to disable firefox auto update you are at right place to learn how to disable firfox automatic update option. In this article i will show you how to enable or disable mozila firefox automatic update. Let us discuss the process of disabling or inabling mozila firefox auto update in detail. 

What is FireFox Auto Update

Firefox auto update is an auto operation performed by computer which automatically update mozila firefox web browser to a new version. This process can create problem for you during your work or it may affect your user profile's security. 
If you do not want to allow the firefox to automatically update in your computer, you can disable auto update option by following this method.
Method to stop firefox auto update
1) Open Mozila firefox in your computer, type "about:config" in the url or address box of mozila and hit Enter button from the keyboard. Following page will appear.

 2) click on the button having caption "I'll be careful, I promise!"
3) Now type the "" in serarch box and see its result in Preference name.

4)  Now double click inside the Preference Name option it will change from true to false.
5) Also do the same operation for the following options.
  • app.update.enabled - false
  • app.update.silent - false
 That's all you have done. Enjoy...

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