Stop wifi adapter or wireless card auto turnig off on low power

If you have a laptop computer and it runs on battery power. There are much possibilities of wifi turning of when power is low. Don't worry you can easily disable this by doing some changes to the wifi adapter properties. In this article i will show you how to stop wifi adapter or wireless card from turning off on low power. lets discuss how to stop wifi adapter or wireless card from disabling on low power or how to enable wireless card auto disabling on low power. In both things there is very small difference.

Follow these steps

1) Firls of all right click on Computer, go to properties and open properties by clicking.
2) In properties window of computer click on Device Manager. a window will shown as below.

3) Click on Network adapters and then on wireless adapter from the device list.
4) Select the wireless adapter or wireless card and open its properties. 
5) In the properties window click on Power Management tab, as show below.

6) In this window diss select the check mark before "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
7) At last click OK. 
That is all, you have done.
Note: If you want to enable auto turn off wifi on low power then check the check mark again.
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