How To Speed Up Computer Windows 10 | Improve Windows 10 Performance

If you are searching for how to speed up computer windows 10 or improve windows 10 performance your are at the right place to learn. In this article we will discuss how to improve windows 10 performance by using some configuration and settings. Microsoft always wants to upgrade your windows to newer versions even you have an old computer running windows 7. Everything in newer versions is not so nice. Many additional features uses more power and resources. It reduces the speed of our computer. We can speed up and improve windows 10 performance by disabling some useless functionalities of windows.

We will apply following tips to improve windows 10 performance.

Removing Animations In Windows 10

Microsoft windows 10 shows animations for each slight action which is performed in windows 10 and decrease the processing speed of computer by increasing the burden of processing. 
To remove the Animations form windows 10 go through the following steps.
  • Right click on Start Menu button and select "System" from the menu.
  • After entering in system go to "Advanced System Configuration"
  • Go to Advance tab in new opening window. Then go to Performance section and click on "Configuration"
  • Go To "Visual Effects" Tab, here are so many predefined option. We can leave the default settings and prevent some useless functions form running using this window. 

Choosing the last option is Ideal but i don't recommend it personally because if you use this option you will face difficulties in reading the letters on the screen. Therefor i prefer to to use "Customize" option and disable everything except "Smooth edges for the screen fonts". However you can also remove the effects according to your requirements.

Stop Programs Running on startup.

The problem of running program automatically on background  with windows boot is as old as windows itself. Every windows have this problem. It decrease the speed of computer by running some programs automatically on background. The program are run automatically as soon as windows runs. It is very important to prevent the programs from running automatically in windows. We will use windows 10 tool to stop the programs form automatically starting running.
Go Through the following process.
  • First of all go to the start menu and search for "Task Manager" After successfully finding it right click on it and select "Run as Administrator" from right click menu.
  • Then you will go to the "Start" Tab. Here you can see the list of programs which automatically start each time window is boot (Start). 
  • The first thing is to confirm that have you installed all these programs. If you find any program which was installed without your knowledge. You can disable it very easily. Just select the program and click on Disable in the bottom right.
  • To close the programs which automatically run at background with the windows boot in windows 10, just go back to the Task Manager and Select Processes Tab.
  • In this tab you can see all the running program and their load to the Processor and Memory by looking in the CPU and Memory Columns. It also give the knowledge about network in Network column. We can check here which programs are downloading in background and occupying the hard disk space. 
  • We can stop the process very simply by just clicking on it and selecting the finish task in the bottom right. 

Free Up Disk Space

If we notice that windows in not working properly, it may because we have filled our hard disk or other storage disk. Window does not find any space to create temporary files which it need to work properly. 
  • To clean the disk we have to go to the the computer and open it. 
  • We will right click on the disk to which we want to clean. and go to the property. In the general tab we will see the available free space. and we can click on Free Up Space
  • A new window will appear. Here we will select the parts which we want to delete. 
  • Select the unnecessary parts we want to delete, and finally click on Clean System Files.

Avoid The Indexing of files

As we are talking about hard disk, we will eliminate a feature of window which is not new, it also has affected over the performance and speed of windows 7. If we use the functionality of content indexing of files we can easily find the files very easily by searching them. But it has its bad effects on speed and performance of the computer. So we must disable this functionality. 
Follow these steps to avoid indexing of the files.
Just go to the computer and right click on hard disk or SSD card, and open properties. 
In the properties, disable "Allow files on this drive to have indexed content in addition to file properties" box.
Click on OK and a new pop window will appear where we have to confirm that the option to disable indexing in all subfolders is checked. 
We will accept, system will take few moments to change the settings. It is possible an error message, because of files are in use we will select skip all in this case. 
That all we done.
Which trick you are using to improve windows 10 performance?

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