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If you are searching for, how to earn money without skills, in this post we will discuss about best online earning methods without skills. After reading this post completely you will know how to earn money without skills online. There are many ways to earn online using different skills. But in this post we will discuss about the methods which are used to earn money online without any skills. Let's discuss about the few methods on how to earn money without skills online. There are many ways to earn money online out of which some are free and others need to invest money. I will discuss about the methods which are free and easy to start with zero investment. Don’t miss any part of this article to get the benefit of tips provided by me to earn money without investment and even no skills. Top ways to earn money online are blogging and freelancing; both of these are very vast fields and have many branches to select according to your interest.

In this post I will tell you about the branches which are free and needs no much skill. I recommend you to work in both the fields because both have big opportunities. Blogging can be your earning source even when you are sleeping. But, you must start your online professional career with freelancing because blogging take much time and efforts to start generating revenue. So, my advice is to start freelancing and do blogging as part time. In this way you will free from financial pressure which you can face if you do only blogging. When your blog will be set up you will get extra benefits in form of passive revenue. Let’s discuss about freelancing and blogging with their branches which are free and some tips to earn even without much skill.

There would not any person who do not Know about freelancing. Let me describe a little about the freelancing for those who do not know much about it. In freelancing you never need to go anywhere for work because you are hired by a person or organization to provide services remotely. You can say it a contract based work. This can be either long term or short term according to your skills. You can work for a person in any part of the world, without going out of your house and according to your own time frame. Some popular websites for freelancing are and

You must choose an authentic platform to work as freelancer because there are many scam websites on internet where you can get stuck. I recommend you the above mentioned sites to work as freelance as these are authentic and paying sites. I will also write an article about trusted freelancing platforms, so you would know some more platforms to work as freelancer. Let’s discuss about few methods in freelancing by which you can earn without much skills.

  • Logo designing using free service
Logo designing is a skill and technique, but I will show you the way, how you can create logo without much skill and charge a handsome amount of money from your freelancing clients. In this method you will create a logo for your clients using a free logo designing website. After creating the logo from website make few changes in it using Photoshop or any other image processing tool. On you can charge minimum $5 per logo. This website is best recommendation from my side for you to work as logo designer and earn on daily bases.
There are many websites which provide free logo designing facility out of them one of the website is . An advantage of using this website to create logo is that it provides the facility to download logo after creating for free, which some other website does not provide. This website has its paid version also but you can use free to download option with less quality. Tip from my side is to download it in less quality for free and increase the quality by you, using Photoshop or any other image processing program.

  • Content writing using free service
The method on second number in my list of how to earn money without skills is content writing or article writing using free online service. Reason to keep content writing on second number is because I am taking about methods without skills. If you have skill of writing good SEO friendly content then you can earn more than log designing. But if you don’t have skills of content writing you can rewrite other people’s articles by just copy pasting on this link
In content writing work your customer will provide you the topics to write and length of article and you have to write accordingly. You can also say to your customer to charge fix amount for fix number of words. Tip: I recommend you if you don’t have skills, to just go to free service by to rewrite any article in few seconds. You can find the data or article to rewrite about the provided topic on and just copy past it for rewriting. Enjoy writing unique article for your freelancing customer using this free service.

Same like the freelancing, blogging also have many branches to work. The main difference between freelancing and blogging is that in blogging you work for yourself. Blogger shares their experience with all over the world about their fields through their blog or website. Blogging actually means to write on any topic which the people around the world want to know. You share your experience and help people through your blog and earn money through difference monetization methods available. In more easy words, blogging is a method to earn money through your website or blog. There are many ways to monetize your blog. Let’s discuss about some easy to start methods to earn money from your website or blog. 

Monetize through Ads.
In this monetization technique you place ads inside your content and earn revenue through the traffic coming to your site. User reading your article about the information you provided also check the ads which are included inside your content and you earn money. You can get registered with any publisher’s network to get ads to put inside your website content. They will provide ads to place inside your website. When users will click and see the ads, publisher network will give you money according to price of that ad after getting their shares. Best paying publisher networks are,, and for pop ads. You can make your account with any of this network to get ads to place on your website and earn money.

Monetize through Affiliate Marketing
In this technique you provide information or reviews about different products available on different online stores. You provide information regarding the pros and cons of different related product and ask your visitors to buy best one. You will provide your own affiliate link of the particular product to buy. To get the affiliate link, you need to register as affiliate marketer, with that particular online store. Online store will give you commission when user will buy through your provided link.

Affiliate marketing has big opportunities to earn money for you. Many people from all over the word are earning millions of dollars monthly by affiliate marketing. Best online stores to work with them as affiliate marketer are, and, which are available internationally. Get register with any one of these stores and get your affiliate link to start earning by putting it in your website.

I will write a separate post for detail of each earning method described in this.  You will learn how to start with that particular method. I will update the detailed links for each method as soon as I write details. Since that time you can search more details on google for your desired topic according to your interest.

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