Open All URLs at Once | Open All Favorite Websites with Single Click

If you have you ever think about open all urls at once (all favorite websites) by single click. In this post I am going to show you a way to open all urls at once. After applying this method you will be able to open all your favorite website with single click instead of opening one by one entering the url of each website. You will be able to open all the websites with a click on a batch file.

We will create a file with .bat extension and add all our favorite websites links in it to open with a single click. All your favorite websites will open in your default browser automatically after clicking on .bat file which we are going to create.

Let’s see how to create a .bat file to open all your favorite file with single click.

1) Open Notepad.
2) Copy Below Given Code And Paste It In Notepad.

@echo off

3) Now save Notepad As myfavweb.bat
4) Now open your save file and it will open three websites in a single click.
5) You can also add more websites by writing Start followed by websites address or url.

That's All! You have done.

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