Thank you for visiting the www.mtech.com.pk website. Defending the privacy of our visitor’s information, commercial partners and personnel has always been a significant part of our company. Disclaimer explains our policies about interactions with this site. Our Disclaimer polices may change at any time. Please check this site occasionally for any update.

Protection of Information

MTech.com.pk tries to use industry standard practices to protect private information from loss, misuse, change and damage. These practices contain a mixture of technical, functional and management controls. The security mechanisms we already implementing include, but are not limited to, “firewalls”, encryption and network surveillance to protect certain confidential information broadcasts.

mtech.com.pk also uses actions to improve the security of its assets, such as examining the activity of the accounts to see if there are fake or suspicious activities. There is no security scheme without failures, and MTech.com.pk cannot assurance that our services will available 100% of time. But we will try our best to serve you.

Information we collect

MTech.com.pk only collects the necessary information from the registered user only. The information collected will be contingent on the type of user. The information we may collect is the basic data about the user to ensure that it is a real person. We may require following information from the users.



Mailing Address

Phone Number

At any time, you can choose not to provide this type of information. However, by doing this, we may not be able to provide the services or options you are requesting

Sharing information

MTech.com.pk will not reveal users-specific information to third parties unless it is required by court order or is required for additional permissible reasons.

Notice to parents

On the educational pages on the MTech.com.pk website that are especially designed for learning purpose, we don’t require any personal information. So, we do not request the children for any personally recognizable information.

Notices and newsletters by email

Messages conveyed by electronic mail (e-mail) to email addresses of users in this site would not be considered as a protected way to send individual information.


Unless stated otherwise on this site, the material available through this site is the property of MTech.com.pk.  Any of the content must not be copied without written permission from the MTech.com.pk.


It is not permissible to replicate or distribute copies of materials found on this site (including but not limited to text, graphics, sounds, images or logos,) in any way, without prior written permission of MTech.com.pk. Instead, we ask you to tell others to directly get benefit from our site. However, this policy does not prohibit an individual from sending an email or email with certain pages of this site to other persons.


Our website may comprise several links to other sites that we consider useful for visitors to our site. Once you relate to another website you are subject to the privacy policy of that site.

Once you move from MTech.com.pk by clicking the link given in our website and connect to another entity’s site, that site is not under our control. MTech.com.pk provides these links to you only as suitability and the presence of related content or details.


The use of the MTech.com.pk logo is not allowed on another entity’s website without prior written permission from MTech.com.pk. To request permission to use the logo, send an email to admin@mtech.com.pk with full information on how you plan to use it.


MTech.com.pk does not guarantee that this site or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or “malware.”


SRP does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, timeliness, non-infringement or capability or suitability of the information and materials on this site for a specific purpose. In no case MTech.com.pk will liable for any type of destruction.

MTech.com.pk may make improvements and / or changes to any content on this site at any time. MTech.com.pk does not guarantee the permanent availability of any of the content on this site. The information on our site is updated periodically.

The documents and corresponding graphics available on this site may include typographical faults or technical inexactitudes.

Revocation of access authorization

MTech.com.pk reserves the right to cancel partial and total access to the site visitors.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact admin@mtech.com.pk.

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