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Good-Bye Mr. Chips

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Q1.How did Mr. Chips end his daily activities at Mrs. Wicketts?
 Answer. During his retired life at Mrs. Wicketts Chips always wound up the clock after the last bell,
 He put the wire guard in front of fire and read detective novels until he slept.
Q2. What did Mr. Merivale say about the Mr. Chips health?
Answer. He admired his health and said that he was fitter than the Doctor himself.
Q3. What Advice did Merivale give to Mrs. Wicketts about chips?
Answer. He advised Mrs. Wicketts to take special care of chips as it was too cold. He was only advancing in age and nothing more to worry.
Q4. What information do we get about Mr. Chips birth?
Answer. Mr. Chips was born in 1848.He was taken to the great Exhibition as a small child.
Q5. When did Chips join brook field and why did he disliked the previous school?
Answer. Mr. Chips joined brook field in1870.He disliked the previous school because his discipline was not very good there.
Q6. Describe Mr. Chips First meeting with Mr. Wetherby?
Answer. Mr. Wetherby said you are a young man Mr. Chipping and brook field is an old foundation. Youth and age often combine well.
Q7. How did Mr. Chips face his first class at brook field?
Answer. Mr. Chips entered the big hall to deal with prep class of five hundred students. There was complete silence. Suddenly someone dropped the lid of his desk. Mr. Chips found the boy and punished him.
Q8.How did Mr. Chips Punish his first student?
Answer. Mr. Chips gave him a punishment of hundred lines. There was no trouble after that.
Q. What was Mr. Chip’s first joke with third Colley?
Answer. Mr. Chips told the third Colley that his grandfather was a stupid fellow, and so was his father.
He told him that you are biggest fool of all.


Q1. Describe the history of brook field school?
Answer. It was established in the period of Elizabeth. It was famous for Greek and Latin.
Q2. What was the status of brook field school?
 Answer. Brook field was not a first rank school like Eton and Harrow. However, It was a good school of second rank.
Q3.What was similarities between Chips and brook field?
Answer. Both were old fashion. Chips degrees were not good and brook field was also a second grade school.
Q4. What were Chips ideas when he joined brook field school?
Answer. He was a young man of twenty two when he joined brook field school. He wanted to get headship of the school.


Q1.Who was Mrs. Wicket’s?
Answer. She was Mr. Chip’s landlady.
Q2. Describe the Chips room at Mrs. Wicket’s?
Answer. Mr. Chip’s room was very comfortable and sunny. It was simply furnished .It had a few bookshelves.
Answer. How did Mr. Chips entertain his guests at Mrs. Wicketts OR Chip’s hospitability?
Answer. He served the teachers and boys with walnut cake. It was fun to watch him making tea.
Q4.What types of books Chips read?
Answer. The books were Classical and detective novels which he enjoyed very much.


Q1.How did Mr. Chips come across Katherine bridges?
Answer. During the summer vacation Chips visited Lake District. One day he noticed a girl crying from a dangerous rock. He ran to help her and injured himself. When she saw Chips injured, she comes to help him.
Q2. Describe the Chips views about the woman of nineties?
Answer. The woman of nineties filled him with horror. She was under influence of Ibsen and Shaw who wrote disturbing plays.
Q3. Describe Katherine’s physical appearance?
Answer. She was twenty five years old. She had blue flashing Eyes, freckled cheek and smooth hair.
Q4. How did Katherine look after Chips?
Answer. Katherine considered herself responsible for Chips injury. She visited him daily till his recovery. They shared their ideas, understood each other, and at last liked and loved each other.
Q5. Why was Chips impressed by Katherine?
Answer. Katherine was modern girl with new ideas. She was very nice, loving, caring and sincere. Chips had good impression of her.
Q6. How was Katherine impressed by Chips?
Answer. Katherine was impressed by his quiet and unknowable nature. He had gentle manners and looked attractive when smiled.


Q1.What was Katherine’s views about Chips profession?
Answer. She liked teaching profession. She thought that a school teacher can influence the young generation.
Q2. How old were Chips and Katherine at the time of their marriage?
Answer. Mr. Chips was forty-eight years old and Katherine Bridge was twenty-five years old at the time of their marriage.
Q3. Describe Katherine marriage?
Answer. Katherine was married from the house of an aunt in Ealing. She said good bye Mr. Chips, one night before marriage.


Q1. How was Katherine received at Brookfield?
Answer. Katherine conquered Brookfield as she had conquered Chips. She was much popular with boys and masters.
Q2. What were the affect of marriage on chip’s honor?
Answer. After marriage his mind began to move more quickly, and his discipline improved.
Q3.  Describe Katherine’s views about class distinction?
Answer. Katherine said rich and poor were equal. She said the boys of each school were equal.
Q4. How did Katherine participate in school function?
Answer. Katherine helped Chips in arranging various function. She was a good musician and actor.
Q5. How did she help Chips in the matter of discipline?
Answer. Katherine asked the chips to be kind without losing balance. He should be neither too hard nor too kind.
Q6. Describe Poplar’s boys visit to Brookfield?
Answer. The boys from poplar arrived at Brookfield one Saturday afternoon. They played a football match with the school’s second team. They were defeated by seven goals to five and later had tea.


Q1. When did and how did Katherine die?
Answer. Katherine could live with Mr. Chips for two years only and died on April 1st 1898 during child birth.
Q2. What were the Chips feelings on the death of his beloved wife?
Answer. Mr. Chips said on the death of his wife, My wife is dead and my child is dead and I wish I were dead myself.
Q3. What types of letters did Chips receive on 1st April 1898?
Answer. On first April 1898 Chips received the letter of condolence from his students. The letters were quite blank.


Q1. Why did the boys start calling Chips “Old son” after Katherine’s death?
Answer. Chips hair had already been turning gray but after his wife’s death this change become noticeable so the boys started to call him old son.
Q2. Who was Meldrum and how did he die?
Answer. In 1870 after Wetherby’s death Mr. Meldrum became the new headmaster of Brookfield school. He was an efficient as Wetherby. He suddenly died of Pneumonia.
Q3. When and how did Chips become the acting head of Brookfield for first time?
Answer. Mr. Chips became the acting head of Brookfield after the death of Mr. Meldrum in 1900.
Q4. Describe the personality of Mr. Ralston?
Answer. He was young man of thirty seven. He had a brilliant record in education. He wanted to run school as a factory.
Q5. Describe Chips visit to Diamond Jubilee?
Answer.  Chips and Katherine went to see the ceremony of Diamond Jubilee in 1897.


Q1. Describe the row between Chips and Ralston?
Answer. Chips was blamed that he was slow. His methods of teaching were old. Ralston called him to retire. On this Chips lost his temper and the row started.
Q2. Why could Ralston not become popular?
Answer. Ralston was efficient but he was unkind. He was feared and respected but not liked and loved.
Q3. How did people of locality come to know about the row?
Answer. By chance a boy heard all about the row. He told other boys and soon it becomes the talk of town.
Q4. What was action of people after this row?
Answer. People turned against Ralston. The chairman of the board of Governors had come to resolve the matter.
Q5.  Who was sir Johan River?
Answer. He was Chairman of the board of Governors and an old student of Chips.
Q6. How did Johan River resolve the matter?
Answer. He visited Brookfield and asked Chips not to retire.


Q1.Who was Chatteris?
Answer. Chatteris became the headmaster after Ralston. He was only thirty four years old. He liked Chips very much.
Q2. Why did Ralston leave the school?
Answer. After the row with Chips, Ralston left the school saying that he had got a better job.
Q3. What was Chatteris behavior with Mr. Chips?
Answer. Chatteris liked Mr. Chips very much. He considered Mr. Chips very important for school.
Q4. When and why did Chips get retirement?
Answer. Mr. Chips remained off duty for the whole winter in1913. He thought of getting retirement at the age of sixty-five.
Q5. What type of farewell was given to Mr. Chips?
Answer. In July 1913 Chips received farewell party and presentation of a cheque, writing desk and wall clock.
Q6. Describe Mr. Chip’s farewell speech?
Answer. It was not a very long speech but it had many jokes and Latin questions. He told the boys that he would remember their faces.


Q1.  When did Mr. Chips join Brookfield again and acting head?
Answer. In 1916 Chatterise requested him to join Brookfield again. When the Chatterise become ill, He become the acting headmaster second time.
Q2. How did Chips perform his duties during his second headship?
Answer. He sat in the headmaster’s room every day morning and solved all problems.
Q3. What do you know about the horror of air raid in Brookfield?
Answer. They heard the voice of bombs and guns in which nine persons were killed.


Q1. Why did Chips refused to accept the offer of permanent headmaster of Brookfield?
Answer. Chips felt that he was not capable of becoming permanent headmaster of Brookfield so he refused to accept the offer.
Q2. Why was called pre-war?
Answer. Mr. Chips was old fashioned. The world had changed a lot during the war. So the boys called him pre-war.
Q3. How did Chatterise die?
Answer. Chatterise was suffering from diabetes due to over-work. He was died in 1918 at the age of forty-one.
Q4. How did Chips keep the boys normal during air-raid?
Answer. When the Chips found the boys nervous, he tried to make them happy by jokes.
Q5. How was the news of victory celebrated at Brookfield?
Answer. There was much singing and happiness on hearing the news of victory in Brookfield.


Q1. What role did the Brookfield boys played during the general strike of 1926?
Answer. This Strike badly shacked England. Brookfield boys helped the people a lot.
Q2. What was Chip’s will?
Answer. In 1930 Chips made his will. According to it some of his money was to go to Mrs. Wicketts, some to mission and most of it for scholarship at school.
Q3. How did Mr. Chips spend the last period of his life at Mrs. Wicketts?
Answer. He remained at home during the winter and waited for summer.
Q4. Who was Merivale?
Answer. Merivale was the chips doctor who visited him after every two weeks. He was very kind and friendly to Mr. Chips.
Q5. Who was Lineford?
Answer. Lineford come to see Mr. Chips one day before his death. On his return he shook hand with Chips and said “Good by Mr. Chips”.
Q6. Why did Chips become after Lineford’s visit?
Answer. Lineford’s words reminded him the day of his marriage. His wife had used the same words.
Q7. Who was Cartwright? What did he say about Chips?
Answer. Cartwright was the last headmaster of Brookfield during the Chip’s life. He felt sorry for Chips for nothing having any child.
Q8. Describe the last scene of Mr. Chip’s death?
Answer. He remembered Katherine and boy and slept peacefully. Next morning there was news “Brook field will never forget his lovableness.”
Q9. Who were present at the death of Mr. Chips?
Answer. Old Buffle, Cartwright, Mr. Merivale and Mrs. Wicketts were present at the time of death of Mr. Chips.
Good-Bye Mr. Chips Book Notes
Good-Bye Mr. Chips Book Notes
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