About (MTech.com.pk)

Welcome to www.mtech.com.pk a leading website where you can get informative article about tech, online earing, Blogging, SEO and much more. Here you can learn many things related to Computer Science, Online Earning, Blogging, Digital Marketing, SEO, and many amazing and motivational self-employment and business ideas. We cover mainly technical material related to above mentioned topics. So you can say It a tech website.

About Website:

If we talk about this website, I am posting worthy content on www.mtech.com.pk and willing to help other beginners and professionals as per my capabilities.
The other important reason for which I was inspired to launch this website is money. As every one of us knows well, that money is a very essential thing to live the life easily and smoothly. So, I realized blogging as the best source of passive income.

About Me:

My name is “Mohammad Fakhar Ali” and you can call me an entrepreneur as I am doing blogging, Digital Marketing and Freelancing to earn income. You can also call me a communal specialized, willing to learn and share. I never want only work, I want to enjoy my work.
I was born in a village near Basirpur a small town in Okara district of Punjab Pakistan. I graduated in Computer Science from Bahauddin Zakariya University. Now I am doing MCs from Virtual University of Pakistan. I also have some certificates related to IT and entrepreneurship.


My main goal is to familiarize Pakistani students and learners with latest tech trends. I am using English language to share the content on this site because this is most widely used and understood by the world. So not only local students and learners, international can also learn from this site.
I am keen to learn more and more to share with my viewers. So I do research to learn latest technologies to share with my viewers.

Future Plane:

I have decided to setup an office in my area in next few years, to provide job with good salary to unemployed youngsters in my city. So unemployed youngsters of my locality, will be able to get benefits of my research in near future. I wish for me and my viewers to successful in their vision. My vision is to make my viewers successful.
Best of Luck.

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